Frequently asked questions

Maintenance and cleaning for products with superceramic, supermarble and superconcrete top

Our super tops are produced coupling float glass and respectively porcelain, marble, concrete stoneware.
The coupling with float glass below guarantees a stronger crash-resistance.
Those tops are extremely scratch-resistant, abrasion-resistant, organic and inorganic chemical resistant, frost resistant and very adaptable to all indoor and outdoor weather conditions. They are UV resistant and finishes remain the same in the course of time, they are that much fire-resistant and high-temperature resistant that you can place a hot pot or use the iron . They are nontoxic and highly hygienic materials.
In any case, to prevent accidental crashes, please avoid hitting edges with hard and sharp objects.

Easy to clean, stain-proof because they do not absorb liquids.
You can use cleaning products generally used for porcelain floors.