Frequently asked questions

Maintenance and cleaning for products upholstered in leather and hide leather

Keep products away from heat sources.
Avoid direct exposure to the sun or strong artificial light sources.
Do not use outdoors, they are not humidity-proof.
Potential natural marks, imperfections, grains modification, slight difference of the finishes when compared to materials samples are not be considered defects, but typical features of real leather and hide leather that guarantee their authenticity.

For daily cleaning we suggest to dust them with a clean, dry and soft cloth.
Take action promptly to avoid dirt to go in depth, by removing the soluble stain with a sponge or a clean and soft cloth soaked with cold water and neutral soap as a detergent.
To remove oil, wine, any food stains, clean the stained area promptly with a soft cloth soaked with water , slightly rubbing circle-wise and avoiding to insist on stains
Avoid rubbing surface with brushes and abrasive material/substances
To remove stains left ,you can use specific cleaning products for leather and hide-leather that you can easily buy in any supermarket and follow manufacturers’ instructions carefully.
To reinvigorate leather and hide leather you can use cleansing milk and spread it on the entire surface.