Frequently asked questions

Maintenance and cleaning for products upholstered in fabric

    Keep products away from heat sources. Avoid direct exposure to the sun or strong artificial light sources.
    Do not use outdoors, they are not humidity-proof.
    To remove stains completely, please follow steps below before stains dry off:

    • FRUIT: use a sponge dampened with cold water.
    • CHOCOLATE/COFFEE: blot out by using a sponge dampened with lukewarm water.
    • INK: follow method C.
    • GREASE/OIL: follow method B.
    • WAX/CANDLE: gently scrape wax by using a knife or palette knife. Then, follow method B or cover the spot with several layer of Paper towel and lay the hot iron on it.
    • MUD: gently lift off as much as dirt as possible with a palette knife. Let it dry, then vacuum. For persistent stains, use ammoniac solution as per method A.
    • URINE: follow method A.
    • VOMIT: gently lift off vomit, blot out by using a sponge and cold water and follow instructions as per method A.
    • A Use water-based detergents or dilute two spoons of ammoniac in 1lt of water. Blot out stain gently with a cloth dampened with this solution, by turning it so that the clean part only comes into contact with stain.
    • B use just non-aggressive, pure and water-free dry cleaning solvents. Dampen a cloth with that solution and follow procedure as per method A